Promoting and Growing your Sports Club


Sport Planning Template

A document for local clubs to help them with their planning.

Source: Sunshine Coast 
Sports Federation

Sport Audit Checklist

The questions you are afraid to ask so as to improve your sports “off-field” performance.

Source: Sunshine Coast 
Sports Federation

Sports Club Marketing Toolkit

This excellent resource covers how to market sports clubs, how to raise the profile of your club and how to retain existing members. If also includes a marketing checklist and information on developing our own marketing strategy.

Source: Sport England

Increasing Participation (Sports Community Series)

The concept of ensuring your club is inclusive and accessible is a complex topic. For a club to maintain its long term sustainability and grow its membership, it is very important for a club’s membership and activities to reflect the needs of its surrounding community. This series outlines information on how you can grow your sports clubs membership and increase engagement levels.

Source: Sports Community

Sport Participation Research In Australia

There is now compelling evidence that increased levels of physical activity can bring wide-ranging health and wellness benefits that impact positively upon the population. These benefits can extend beyond physical health to include other benefits, such as mental health, personal wellbeing, social cohesion, as well as environmental and economic improvements to the individual and our society.

Source: Dr Ralph Richards, 
Senior Research Consultant, 
Australian Sports Commission

Market Segmentation for Sport Participation

This video uncovers, explores, identifies and clearly articulates the different motivations, attitudes, needs, and barriers that influence people’s
decisions and behaviors in relation to sport and, in particular, participation in club-based sport.
Source: Australian Sports 

Can You Risk It? - An Introduction to Risk Management for Community Organisations

A valuable tool for smaller sporting clubs and organisations to help mitigate risk and ensure a viable future for your club! Packed full of information regarding risks, consequences, levels of risk and a whole lot more issues that are often faced by small sporting organisations. Give it a read and make sure your club is doing the right thing!

Source: Department of Sport 
& Recreation WA

Marketing Concepts for Your Sports Club

Here are some important marketing concepts to help you identify and use target markets to increase membership, raise funds and attract sponsors for your club.

Source: NSW Office of Sport
 & Recreation

Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association (AOCRA) - Successful Bid document for the 2016 World Sprint Titles

This is a fantastic resource for any clubs or organisations needing some help with the bidding process for special events. AOCRA successfully bid for the 2016 World Sprint Titles to be held on Lake Kawana with this document and while your bid may not be as professional or detailed as this, it provides a fantastic template for how to construct and prepare your bid.

Source: AOCRA